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Fractured Reality RPG

An RPG based in Inception's Limbo

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Name:Fractured Reality RPG
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D R E A M | A | L I T T L E | D R E A M

Fractured Reality is a panfandom RPG based on Inception’s Limbo; a dreamspace based on the experiences and memories of those within it. The world itself can be anything you want it to be: you can have anything you can imagine, travel to far-away places and exotic destinations, have astounding adventures with fascinating characters, and all without aging or truly dying. There’s only one catch - you might start to think it’s real. Losing your sense of reality whilst in Limbo is a very dangerous thing indeed, and not just to yourself, but to those around you.

The dreamspace is a city shared between people from numerous different worlds, numerous different universes and realities, and there are pieces of these worlds planted throughout the city - locations which are strong in the residents’ memories. The only residents of the city are people in the same situation as you, characters who have simply fallen asleep and found themselves trapped in a strange, shared dream.

Fractured Reality is not just about waking up from a dream that never ends, but choosing reality over that dream. . . .

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